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Tulum, Mexico

Acinte is a proposal that arises to be the perfect match for Ethnic. Its concept is inspired by a mirror project that embraces an interesting garden full of vegetation, located in the center of both buildings. This gave rise to the name Acinte, which is the palindrome of Etnica. Here, contact with the jungle is a magical and exclusive experience of both buildings, which both have unique interior scenery.

Acinte is a building of 23 apartments of 1 and 2 bedrooms, with a pool and meditation area, designed with sustainability criteria that takes full advantage of the natural characteristics of the environment: natural lighting, cross ventilation, conservation of green areas, among others. Located a few minutes from the beach by bicycle, this project is a resting space, with a natural and inspirational atmosphere.

It has a central garden with endemic vegetation, a wastewater treatment plant with cutting-edge technology, irrigation of green areas with treated water, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, waste separation, high energy efficiency lighting, access to the club of beach, access to Etnica gym, a central pool, a meditation area overlooking green areas, a campfire area, a lounge area, an outdoor massage area, grills and bicycles.


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