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How many units does the development have?
51 units

When does construction start?
April 2023

What's your address?
Region 8, block 658 lot 002, Tulum, Quintana Roo

Distance to the beach?
800 meters/ 3 minutes by car

When is CANOPIA delivered?
June 2025

When can you write?
On delivery date: June 2025

Is the CANOPIA terrain already notarized?

What typologies are there in CANOPIA?
double room studio
one bedroom apartment
Two bedroom apartment
Three-bedroom apartment

How are the units delivered?
Key on hand; equipped, furnished and decorated

How much do you reserve?
$100,000 MXN

Do you apply mortgage credit?
Yes, the balance can be paid with a mortgage, once you have the condominium regime

How many parking spaces will it have?
20 drawers in the first phase and 20 drawers in the second phase

How much do you reserve?
$100,000 MXN

Will the parking spaces be assigned?
No, they are commonly used.

Will you have elevators?
Yes, high energy efficiency brand OTIS

Do you already have a building permit?

Does it include air conditioning?
One in each room

What will be the type of administration?
free administration

Will they have a vacation rental management option from Endémico?
Several options will be proposed for the client to analyze which is the best according to the services and guarantees offered.

What are the allowed payment schemes?
30% down payment
50% During the work
20% against delivery


50% down payment
30% During the work
20% against delivery
discount 3%


80% down payment
20% against delivery
discount 6%

Is there space for a washer/dryer or does the building have a laundry area?
On the terrace there will be a cellar where a washing machine can be installed and the development will also have a room
with washer and dryer.

How much percentage of green areas will they leave standing?
67% of green areas will be preserved

How big is the lot?
2,500 m2

How many levels will CANOPIA have?
PB, Level 1, level 2, level 3 and Roof.

What are double room studios?
It is a unit with a physical separation; wall and glass door, which allows dividing the environment of the room and the room to generate more privacy and optimize space.

What amenities will CANOPIA have?
Commercial space for restaurant
Coworking with private area for zoom, meetings and content creation.
Pool on the ground floor
Pool on the roof
Laundry room
Beach club
hammock area

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