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Tulum, Mexico

The core principle of Endémico is sustainability. In light of this, we want to create change by making construction more environmentally responsible.

The design of the building demonstrates the importance of the social aspect of an architectural project. Thus, we aim to demonstrate the variety of activities that can simultaneously take place in the same area.

Thus, on the ground floor you will find an area dedicated to local wellness businesses, which can be seen from the street. Upstairs, there is an open-air cinema, a picnic area, and areas dedicated to meditation and reading.

On the next floor, we have a pool with a glass front that lights up the front of the building, as well as a swimming lane, an area for yoga and a gym with a panoramic view.

To respond to this concept, the architectural design has been carried out from a set of different terraces in the form of a waterfall.

Etnica K'u', which means “nest", is a project that creatively provides refuge to those interested in living a healthy and sustainable life.


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